New Helicopter Primers Mix Higher Environmental Standards with Better Protection

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January 1, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: January 1 on

A team sustainment effort focused on Hexavalent Chrome primer replacement has won AMCOM G-4 an environmental team award from its senior command.

For this award, the AMCOM G-4 Environmental Quality Team worked on several projects, but the primary focus of their effort was on hexavalent chromium primer replacement and a complete rewrite of TM 1-1500-345-23 Painting and Marking of Army Aircraft.

As part of this initiative the AMCOM G-4 Environmental Quality Team developed a new test protocol and test article that better replicates the conditions experienced by the depot technicians during repair or refurbishment of Army aircraft. The new test protocol more thoroughly assesses the performance of the latest generation of Class N primers. Using this new test protocol will ensure the replacement primer provides adequate corrosion protection, therefore reducing the maintenance burden on aircraft maintainers.