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Naval Air Systems Command Unveils a Breakthrough Alternative to Chromate-Based Primers for DoD Aircraft

In 2009, the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition chief John J. Young, Jr. issued a mandate requiring the military departments to find new ways to reduce their use of hexavalent chromium (also known as hex-chrome or Cr6+). Hex chrome, which became infamous in the eyes of the public after the release of the film, Erin

New Helicopter Primers Mix Higher Environmental Standards with Better Protection

A team sustainment effort focused on Hexavalent Chrome primer replacement has won AMCOM G-4 an environmental team award from its senior command. For this award, the AMCOM G-4 Environmental Quality Team worked on several projects, but the primary focus of their effort was on hexavalent chromium primer replacement and a complete rewrite of TM 1-1500-345-23

ARL Effort Improves Health, Environment, Bottom Line

A team of researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory recently addressed a need for safer “wash primers” at Army depots, installations and repair facilities. As a result of their solution, the wash primer replacement team at ARL won the fiscal 2016 Secretary of the Army Award for Environmental Excellence in Weapon System Acquisition (small