New Swarm Technology for Guard Robots

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January 1, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: January 1 on

Despite perimeter fences and other site barriers, intrusion into protected areas is not uncommon. When trespassing is detected in a protected area, the main task of security is to intercept the trespasser and to prevent him from committing any malicious acts. An effective solution to this challenge is the use of non-lethal weapons, for example, employing long-range, high-power acoustic devices. Some security robots are equipped with a long-range acoustic device for automatically preventing illegal activities without the need for the presence of a security officer in the area of intrusion.

Now, a robotics company bids to make life easier on robot-using security teams, by giving them a brand new ability-enhancing technology

A new artificial intelligence technology that gives security guard robots the ability to communicate and deploy jointly at the same patrol site was unveiled by SMP Robotics, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots.

The new technology provides an organization additional situational awareness and streamlined guarding on the robot-guarded site.

Swarm technology increases the security guard robot’s abilities to successfully patrol any given area, and enables a security operations center to coordinate the paths of multiple robots when they travel.