Pentagon Getting Better at Stopping Enemy Drones and Delivering Gear to the Battlefield

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July 17, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: July 17 on

The US military and its partners are expanding their use of drones, turning to them for logistical purposes like resupply while expanding their abilities to defend against enemy drones.

The latest piece of drone-related equipment is a 5-pound radar-gun-like device used to jam drones in remote areas or during patrols.

In April, the US Army”s Rapid Equipment Force purchased 50 of the “Dronebuster,” as it”s called, which starts at $30,000.

It”s outfitted with five custom antennae and a “technique generator” that reduces the amount of battery power needed to produce a jamming signal, which in turns allows the device to be smaller and more portable.

Col. Lanier Ward, who leads the REF, told Army Times that his unit”s goal was to get the Dronebuster to personnel in the field as soon as possible. He said the REF averages 140 days from requirement to delivery.