Proposed Army 1,000-Mile Supergun Could Be Ultimate Standoff Weapon

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March 12, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: March 12 on

What is the real need behind the U.S. Army”s proposed long-range cannon that can shoot out to 1,000 miles or more?

It could be used to conduct a strategic or tactical strike in support of the other military services, or to take out targets before service members get to the battlespace, according to the top civilian of the Army.

“On a tactical level, we need to be able to outrange our adversaries” guns with comparable caliber and organization,” said Army Secretary Mark Esper.

Speaking during a media roundtable with reporters at the Pentagon, Esper compared the technological evolution to that of the spear and the sword.

“Why was the spear developed? Because the other guy had a sword. But a spear gives you range,” the secretary said.

“You always want to have standoff where you can strike without being struck back,” Esper said.

He added, “That”s what extended-range cannon artillery gives us, case in point vis-à-vis the Russians.”

Just as the stealthy fifth-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can enter anti-access environments to soften targets for fourth-generation aircraft, the extended-range artillery cannon could help eliminate threats for ground troops and other military assets, Esper said.