Radinn”s 2nd-Gen Electric Jetboard is Faster and Cheaper

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September 26, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: September 26 on

The G2X Jetboard pushes itself along at up to 36 MPH.

Nearly three years after we first saw Radinn”s prototype electric wakeboard, the Swedish outfit is back with a redesigned version. The G2X will be on display at the Boot Düsseldorf show this week, showing off its capabilities like a swappable battery so owners don”t have to wait for a two-hour charge between 25-minute rides. Those rides will be even more exciting though, since it”s capable of 36 mph, up from 28 on the Wakejet Cruise. Better yet, the G2X is cheaper than its predecessor, with a price (before accessories like an add-on foil, “radical” upgrade to max out its top speed or additional battery packs) of 9,900 euros, or about $12,101 US (current manufacturer listed price is €9,900). It”s going on sale later this year, however, there will be plenty of competition. E-Surfer Magazine lists 17 different models in the segment.

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