Spike ER2 Missile Doubles the Range of Attack Helicopters

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September 10, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: September 10 on

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., is expanding its Spike guided missile family with the introduction of Spike ER2, an extended-range tactical missile the company positions to equip attack helicopters, combat vehicles, and mall boats. The development of the new variant is expected to complete this year.

With a new multi-sensor seeker and datalink, the new ER2 variant enhances the range, agility, and target acquisition capabilities of the Spike-ER, enabling vehicles, boats and, particularly helicopters, to engage targets from longer stand-off ranges utilizing third-party targeting techniques (such as UAVs) previously unavailable for such tactical weapons. The enhanced missile is designed to equip combat vehicles, boats, and combat helicopters currently operating the Spike-ER variant.