These Engineer-Designed Clothes Are Literally Cool

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September 13, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: September 13 on

Engineers have created clothing for a warming world — a fabric that allows your body heat to escape far better than other materials do.

It hasn”t been worn or tested by humans, so outside experts caution this is far from a sure thing, but a team at Stanford University engineered a fabric using nano technology that not only allows moisture to leave the body better, but helps infrared radiation escape better. As a result, they say in Thursday”s journalScience , the body should feel around 4.8 degrees (2.7 degrees Celsius) cooler than cotton and 3.8 degrees (2.1 degrees Celsius) chillier than commercially available synthetics.

This is designed for a warmer world — not just because climate change is making temperatures hotter, but because it takes a lot of energy to heat and cool people”s offices and homes, said study lead author Yi Cui, a professor of materials and engineering.