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Silk Fibers Could Be High-Tech ‘Natural Metamaterials’

New research has demonstrated how the nano-architecture of a silkworm’s fiber causes “Anderson localization of light,” a discovery that could lead to various innovations and a better understanding of light transport and heat transfer. The discovery also could help create synthetic materials and structures that realize the phenomenon, named after Nobel laureate Philip Anderson, whose

Cool Textiles to Beat the Heat

Air-conditioned buildings bring welcome relief to people coming in from the heat. But creating that comfort comes with a cost to our wallets and the environment in the form of increased energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Now researchers report in ACS Nano the development of a new material for clothing that we could one

AFRL Develops Better Way to Cool Electronics

Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory and a partner company have developed a way to cool the next generation of high-powered electronics —increasing capabilities of warfighters — with simple materials. Thermal management via oscillating heat pipes are expected to enter commercial systems within the next few years. Companies such as Boeing are interested in