TrackingPoint’s New 300BLK and Para-rescue DMR SR-25 Rifles

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June 5, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: June 5 on

At Media Day TrackingPoint demonstrated their latest precision-guided rifles.

New this year is their 300BLK (black out) M400 model that reaches out to 400 yards and is a bit lighter than their original M300. The system is designed to improve off-hand target engagement, and the software has been updated including the ability to tag targets on the trigger pull instead of having to use the tag button.

Also included in the demonstration were their M800 7.62 and M1400 EMR .338.  The M800 is designed as a replacement for the M110 and M14, that provides image stabilization and enabling soldiers to make faster and more accurate off-hand shots as well as 800 yard target lock and engagement ranges for targets moving at 20 mph.  The M1400 is a 16lb bolt-action .338 Lapua that provides similar stabilized target imaging, lock and engagement as the M800, but extends the range out to 1,400 yards.

TrackingPoint also demonstrating a set of Knights Armament SR25 rifles that have been outfitted with Tracking Point technology for use by Air Force para-rescue units.

Additional information on TrackingPoint rifle specifications can be found at:
– M400 XHDR:
– M800 Squad Level 7.62:
– M1400 EMR .338: