Trump Said Sleeping Gas on Planes Would Stop Terrorists, but the Plan Could be Deadly

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October 9, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: October 9 on

Donald Trump suggested commercial airline pilots should be able to use “sleeping gas” to stop terrorists during a conversation on The Howard Stern Show shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks. But employing such a gas could prove deadly. 

“You have a red button in the plane, and the pilot has a huge problem in the back. He”s got two or three terrorists, you know, going crazy,” Trump said in comments revealed in a conversation he had with Stern that is one of dozens being archived by “He presses a button and sleeping gas comes out, the entire back of the plane goes to sleep.”

“You now wake up at Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport, they come in, they take the terrorists, knock the crap out of them, hang them from the black of the plane. The rest of the people wake up and they have a nice rest,” Trump added. “They have a gas, that”s a beautiful sleeping gas, that puts people to sleep.”

As part of Trump”s plan, the pilots would have gas masks to protect themselves from exposure. “We do not want the pilots to fall asleep,” Trump said.

At the time, the future president admitted he had not read much on the subject of sleeping gas but claimed “everybody that”s heard it loves the idea.”