Unmanned Underwater Tech Acquisition Bubbles to the Surface

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June 18, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: June 18 on

WASHINGTON — The unmanned space has seen an uptick in acquisition activity recently.

BAE Systems — the U.S. subsidiary of British multinational defense, aerospace and security company BAE Systems plc — announced the purchase of key assets of Riptide Autonomous Solutions, a provider of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) technology and solutions.

According to the press release, Riptide will offer UUV technology with greater depth, range, endurance, and speed.

“Adding Riptide’s technological capabilities will position us to provide customers unmatched flexibility by offering a family of UUVs and integrated payload solutions capable of supporting a variety of critical missions,” said Terry Crimmins, president of BAE Systems Electronic Systems, in the announcement.

“Coupling our extensive expertise in sonar, signal processing, sensor fusion, undersea communications, electronic warfare, and autonomous systems with Riptide’s unique UUV platforms will enable us to affordably address rapidly expanding maritime mission requirements in the global defense, commercial, and research markets.”

Hints of interest in the market emerged a couple years ago, when BAE Systems was awarded a $4.6 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 2017 for work that would allow submarines to detect other undersea vessels at greater distances without being detected.