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Unmanned Underwater Tech Acquisition Bubbles to the Surface

WASHINGTON — The unmanned space has seen an uptick in acquisition activity recently. BAE Systems — the U.S. subsidiary of British multinational defense, aerospace and security company BAE Systems plc — announced the purchase of key assets of Riptide Autonomous Solutions, a provider of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) technology and solutions. According to the press

Drone Detection and Location Systems

There have been about 600 drone incidents that have been recorded by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration over the previous six months. Civilian-operated UAVs are a problem that is getting worse—on April 17 of this year, a British Airway’s flight making its final approach to London’s Heathrow Airport was reported to have struck a UAV.

High-Performance, Low-Energy Artificial Synapse for Neural Network Computing

A new organic artificial synapse made by Stanford researchers could support computers that better recreate the way the human brain processes information. It could also lead to improvements in brain-machine technologies. For all the improvements in computer technology over the years, we still struggle to recreate the low-energy, elegant processing of the human brain. Now,