Vibration Ring Prototype

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September 16, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: September 16 on

Machine vibration often originates with rotating driveline components such as rotors, gears, bearings, and fans. Such vibration is the source of unwanted noise and can be destructive to the machine. The vibration ring is a mechanism that provides an indirect damping effect, and is rigid enough to be mounted within the driveline. The mechanical structure of the vibration ring responds to vibratory excitation by stressing an embedded piezoelectric material. The material generates an electric charge, which is dissipated though an electric circuit. The net result is a reduction of vibration energy.

The vibration ring is a unique, ring-shaped mechanism that indirectly provides a vibration damping effect by converting applied vibratory energy into electricity, and then into heat. The mechanism is self-contained, installed like an ordinary metal spacer, and requires no external wiring.

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