2020 Future Airborne ISR Symposium

April 16, 2020 - April 17, 2020

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2020 Future Airborne ISR Symposium

Hosted By: Technology Training Corporation (TTC)

Location: Arlington, VA

The Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (Next Gen ISR) Technologies & Capabilities Symposium addresses the urgent demand for more ISR assets, platforms, and a continued stride for maintaining advantages over U.S. adversaries. The continual push by the Services for diversification and leveraging ISR capabilities by U.S. and our coalition partners permeates government planning across a broad range of critical missions. Next Gen ISR is a plethora of multi-intelligence and interoperable technologies truly shaping persistent global surveillance, global strike, counter-intelligence/counter-terrorism, maritime domain awareness, space defense, anti-access, and the contested global commons.

This incredible forum is an outstanding opportunity for attendees to meet and interact with key ISR thought leaders from the U.S. Department of Defense, government, and industry. Additionally, you will hear from senior leaders who are defining requirements and shaping the next generation of ISR and speaking on the most critical ISR issues:

Key themes include:

  • What are the latest Office of the Secretary of Defense and Service next gen ISR strategies, road maps, needs, and new initiatives?
  • What are the key critical gaps needed now for providing actionable intelligence to decision makers and the Warfighter?
  • How will next gen ISR address multi-sensor data fusion technologies across organizations and platforms and diverse operating environments?
  • What are needs and challenges for integrating all-source intelligence to meet robust next gen ISR intelligence production requirements?
  • What are the needs and requirements of the Future Force to incorporate an automated and secure PED data collection process at the tactical level?

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