AUVSI XPotential

April 25, 2022 - April 28, 2022

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U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy

Hosted By: AUVSI

Location: Orlando, FL

The guiding question for XPotential 2022 is: “How can we develop uncrewed and autonomous systems that safely, securely, reliably, and predictably improve life for everyone?”

XPotential will be attended by some of the largest industrial corporations and government organizations alike.

Session themes include the UAV intersection with businesses, government, industry, and individuals.

Workshops include:

  • Accelerating Innovation Through Diversity of Thought
  • Assured Autonomy Through Safety Performance Monitoring
  • Connectedness: How Federal-State-Local Governments are Conquering Implementation Challenges Together
  • Orange you Glad Florida is Investing in Autonomy?
  • Robotics for Conservation
  • Translating Sustainability
  • The Safety Target
  • What’s Next for Cargo and Delivery?

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