Future Armored Vehicles Survivability USA

September 26, 2022 - September 27, 2022

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U.S. Marines
U.S. Marines

Hosted By: SAE Media Group

Location: Arlington, VA

The Future Armored Vehicles Survivability USA conference is a meeting for the U.S. armored vehicle community designed around a series of focused discussions on the strategies and technologies being adopted to enhance crew and platform survivability. As seen in recent operations, threats to the vehicle are increasing in both scope and size. With the continued proliferation of advanced antitank weaponry around the world, and as armed forces pivot to addressing near-peer adversaries, armored vehicle survivability is now more important than it ever has been.

This conference is a focused study on how to enhance survivability and addresses all layers of the survivability spectrum. Key capabilities that will be covered are signature management, situational awareness, armored and blast protection, C-IED, vehicle obscuration systems, active protection systems, and an overall picture of integrated survivability.

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