National Summit on Artillery & Indirect Fires

November 8, 2023 - November 9, 2023

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Source: Lance Cpl. William Hester, 3rd Marine Division,
Source: Lance Cpl. William Hester, 3rd Marine Division,

Hosted By: American Conference Institute

Location: Association of the United States Army Conference & Event Center Washington, DC

The National Summit on Artillery & Indirect Fires will comprehensively analyze important topics related to modern warfare, including long-range precision fires, range, lethality, and digitization of fires and its current function in contemporary warfare while also examining its efficacy, efficiency, and security.

The summit will highlight the critical role that artillery and indirect fires play in modern warfare’s evolving landscape, as well as offer a platform for honing strategic thinking and gaining a perspective on the complexities of modern combat. Through engaging panel discussions, insightful presentations, attendees will learn about advancements in artillery technology, tactics, and coordination. This summit will also facilitate networking opportunities that will contribute to enhanced cooperation and innovation within the realm of military operations.

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