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Facebook is Reportedly Testing Solar-Powered Internet Drones Again

Facebook last year grounded its ambitious plan to develop a solar-powered drone to beam internet across the world, but the company isn’t done with the concept, it seems. The social media giant is working with aeronautics giant Airbus to test drones in Australia, according to a new report from Germany’s NetzPolitik. Using a request under

BLADESENSE Project Aims to Revolutionize Health Monitoring for Rotorcraft

The Cranfield University Center for Aeronautics, with partners Airbus Helicopters UK, BHR Group and Helitune, aims to revolutionize health monitoring for rotorcraft by investigating the aeroelastic behavior of rotor blades and developing state-of-the-art fiber optic sensors. The project has approximately 2.6 million dollars in funding and is scheduled to be completed around July 2018. Current

Airbus Unveils its Flying Car Designed to take Driving Airborne

Flying cars have been around for ages but have never caught for two main reasons: driving a vehicle with a pair off wings strapped to the roof looks ridiculous (as does the driver); and they need a clear runway to take off. But, what if you needed to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai for