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Department of Defense (DoD) and Commercial Aircraft Transparency Construction, Materials, and Applications

  Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) staff responded to a technical inquiry on materials, manufacturing methods, and properties for transparent aircraft parts like windshields or windscreens, canopies, windows, and blast shields.  DSIAC developed a…


German Tech Bends Glass Sheets at Right Angles

Ordinarily, if a window goes around the corner of a building, it”s made of two flat panes of glass that are joined together by a metal rail or glue. Now, though, German scientists have developed a method of bending a single sheet of glass to a 90-degree angle – without affecting its optical properties. Although

The F-35 Has a New Problem That Won’t Be Easy to Solve

The U.S. military”s growing fleet of F-35 stealth fighters will fall short of the 80 percent readiness goal that former Defense Secretary James Mattis instituted before quitting in protest of President Donald Trump”s foreign policy in January 2019. Former Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, who is Trump”s nominee to replace Mattis, in mid-July 2019