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Dahlgren Decon and Decon Green Testing and Efficacy

DSIAC was asked to compile all available research on Dahlgren Decon and Decon Green testing and efficacy against chemical, biological, and radioactive particles to determine the possibility of replacing the currently-used standard decontaminant. DSIAC was…


Researchers Devise Effective 3D Printing Method for Bacterial Materials

Researchers in the Netherlands published a paper outlining a method of effectively 3D printing bacterial cultures for materials production and patterning. The paper, authored by Benjamin A. E. Lehner, Dominik T. Schmieden, and Anne S. Meyer, describes the need for more sustainable materials production in society. Many bacteria can carry out advanced chemical reactions to

Want to Cut Carbon Emissions? Try Growing Cement Bricks With Bacteria

One of biggest contributors of greenhouse gases on the planet is cement. Cement is the glue that holds together the stones, pebbles or whatever tough material goes into your concrete bricks and sidewalks. But its production creates more carbon emissions than all the airplanes and ships in the world. Manufacture a ton of cement, and