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South Texas Police Chief Gets All Officers Less-Lethal Weapons to Help Save Lives

A South Texas police department added another weapon to its arsenal. Only this one was designed to cause less harm than a typical firearm. Rockport Police Chief Gregory Stevens showed off a 12-gauge shotgun, parts of which were bright orange, during a training session for the city”s police force. When fired, a bean bag-filled round

Weapons of Mass Control, Tactics of Mass Resistance

As the showdown between police and protesters in Hong Kong has intensified, officers have used increasing force, deploying an arsenal of crowd-control measures and weapons, including tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, sponge grenades, and bean bag rounds. Protesters have also stepped up their actions, hurling petrol bombs, vandalizing mainland Chinese banks and businesses believed

Less-lethal Sponge Rounds a New Tactic for Madison Police

The important role given by Madison police to less-lethal sponge rounds rocketed out of repurposed grenade launchers was showcased last week when the weapon was used to subdue a suicidal 29-year-old man outside his Far West apartment after he confronted officers with the knife he used to slice up his neck. “That was a perfectly