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New Hybrid Energy Method Could Fuel the Future of Rockets, Spacecraft for Exploration

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Graphene, a new material with applications in biomedical technology, electronics, composites, energy, and sensors, may soon help send rockets to space. A new propellant formulation method to use graphene foams – material used in electronics, optics, and energy devices – to power spacecraft is being developed in Purdue University’s Maurice J.

3D Print Ceramics, Clay, Cookie Dough – or Solid Rocket Fuel

It”s now possible to 3D print extremely viscous materials, with the consistency of clay or cookie dough with fine precision, thanks to work done at Purdue University. This development may soon allow the creation of customized ceramics, solid rockets, pharmaceuticals, biomedical implants, foodstuffs, and more. “It’s very exciting that we can print materials with consistencies

Injectable Bandage Stops Internal Bleeding of Severe Wounds

A hydrogel made from nanoflakes of synthetic clay and sugar chains extracted from seaweed could act as an injectable bandage to stop internal bleeding on a battlefield, in a surgical suite, or at an accident site. Commercially available absorbant gauzes or gels prompt blood clotting and quickly stop bleeding when applied with pressure on external