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Reykjavik University Achieves Holy Grail of Airborne Technology-Drone That Looks and Flies Like a Bird

Drones are all the rage these days, but the technology still has its limitations. Drones can be noisy and easily spotted, which makes them difficult to use for surveillance. Icelandic startup Flygildi thinks it has unlocked the “holy grail” of drone technology: its drone looks and flies like a bird. The artificial intelligence-powered drone could

For the Birds: New Prediction Method Sheds Brighter Light on Flight

Resembling a feathered flying ace with his miniature protective goggles and chinstrap, a parrotlet named Obie stood ready to take off. On signal, Obie propelled into the air, flapped through a laser field infused with microparticles and landed on another perch three feet away. The journey only lasted three seconds, but it challenged the accuracy