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Astro Robo-Dog Packs an AI-Enabled “Brain” in its 3D-Printed Head

Astro utilizes a deep neural network to learn new tasks through a process of trial and errors and could find use in applications such as the detection of guns and explosives, guiding the blind, exploring hazardous environments, or assisting soldiers on the battlefield. We”ve already seen several dog-like quadruped robots, which move by walking with

Can Common Sense Be Built into AI?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is planning to release a broad agency announcement for the Machine Common Sense program, part of its $2 billion AI Next campaign. Common sense “has been a big problem in AI for decades,” according to Dave Gunning, a program manager within the Information Innovation Office at DARPA. “This

Teaching Robots “Manners”: Digitally Capturing and Conveying Human Norms

Researchers develop methods to help machines display appropriate social behavior in interactions with humans. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are making virtual and robotic assistants increasingly capable in performing complex tasks. For these “smart” machines to be considered safe and trustworthy collaborators with human partners, however, robots must be able to quickly assess a given