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Russian Tank Doctrine Evolves to Combat Modern Threats

Russian tank forces have revealed details of new tank tactics during a battalion tactical exercise held in Voronezh, state news agency RIA Novosti reported on 4 July. The development indicates that tanks will continue to provide firepower in the future battlespace. Elements of the 20th Guards Army from the Western Military District demonstrated a series

Marines Want Armored Recon Prototypes by 2023: F-35 On Wheels or FCS Redux?

It”s important to explore a wide range of options and not lock down requirements too early, Lt. Gen. Walsh said. (By contrast, FCS set precise objectives and only then looked to see if they were possible). “We”re trying to solve the problem of what is reconnaissance (and) counter-reconnaissance in the future,” he said, not simply

JIDO Seeks Nontraditional Partners for Defeating Roadside Bombs, Enemy Drones

The Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization, also known as JIDO, is looking far and wide to find better ways of thwarting enemy unmanned aerial systems and other improvised weapons, its director said Oct. 17. Militant groups such as ISIS have employed numerous types of improvised explosive devices to attack U.S. troops and allied forces. They include