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Sailors Get a Firsthand Look at the Navy”s New SPY-6 Radar System

It took two cranes and a flatbed truck to deliver it, but sailors and other spectators got an up-close look at the new air- and missile-defense radar being added to Navy ships. Raytheon”s SPY-6 next-generation scalable radar system was on display at this year”s Sea-Air-Space expo outside Washington, DC. The radar was transported from Portsmouth,

Here’s How the Army Wants to Stop Bad Guys Without Killing Them

Picture this: a tank commander is challenged by a protestor blocking the tank’s path. The tank must move forward but the protestor maneuvers left and right, blocking the tank’s path. Using the large gun against the protestor is foolish, and so is driving over the protestor, as PLA tanks did at the 1989 Tiananmen Square

Nearly 40 Percent Lighter Body Armor Coming to Marines in 2020

The Corps is gearing up to field its new lightweight body armor plates, designed to be worn in the Corps’ low intensity or counterinsurgency style conflicts. On Friday, the Defense Department announced the Navy awarded a nearly $216 million contract to Point Blank Enterprises for the purchase of up to 680,706 of the new lightweight