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The F-35 Has a New Problem That Won’t Be Easy to Solve

The U.S. military”s growing fleet of F-35 stealth fighters will fall short of the 80 percent readiness goal that former Defense Secretary James Mattis instituted before quitting in protest of President Donald Trump”s foreign policy in January 2019. Former Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, who is Trump”s nominee to replace Mattis, in mid-July 2019

Pentagon, Lockheed Martin Failed to Ensure Proper Parts for F-35

A major contractor and the Pentagon’s top management office came in for criticism from an inspector general for cutting corners in assuring that the massive Joint-Service F-35 stealth fighter is equipped with ready-for-issue parts. In a report dated June 13, the Defense Department watchdog found that parts for the department’s largest acquisition—with an estimated $406

The Navy”s First F-35 Squadron Just Deactivated After 7 Years of Service

EGLIN AFB FL — With gratitude for its seven years at Eglin and enthusiasm for the future in California, the Navy”s first F-35C strike fighter squadron furled its flag in a Thursday morning ceremony. The F-35C is the “carrier variant” version of the F-35 stealth fighter jet, designed specifically to operate from aircraft carriers. “Today,