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Navy Strategy Fast-Tracks New Weapons for “Offensive” Attack

Arlington, Va.- Senior Navy leaders say the service is fast-tracking a handful of key emerging weapons systems such as new destroyers, Tomahawk missiles, lasers and hypersonics as part of a new “offensive attack” maritime combat strategy. “Today we are moving to the offensive. We are already moving out on an increase in lethality,” Vice. Adm.

New Navy Multi-Function Ship-Fired Laser Attacks Drones, Conducts ISR

Lockheed”s HELIOS Ship-Fired Laser to Give Navy Advanced Multi-Function Laser Weapon for DDG 51 Destroyers. The Navy and Lockheed Martin are taking a substantial leap forward with ship-based high-powered laser weapons designed to incinerate enemy drones and also perform ISR missions tracking targets such as incoming enemy cruise missiles, aircraft or ships. Lockheed’s High Energy

Warships Set to Make Waves With Powerful Lasers

The U.S. Navy is accelerating efforts to place the weapon systems on guided missile destroyers. The U.S. Navy has identified laser weapons as an urgent capability need, and after many years of development, it is moving rapidly to deploy advanced laser capabilities in the near term to the fleet. The Navy is pursuing the highest-powered