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US Signals Major Boost to Hypersonic Weapons in 2019

In response to Chinese and Russian advances, the U.S. is building its own hypersonic arsenal. More signs are emerging across the U.S. Department of Defense that it is taking the military threat of Chinese hypersonic weapons seriously, and redoubling efforts to field similar weapons of its own. Hypersonic weapons, which are considered High-Speed Maneuvering Weapons,

Technology to Meet Hypersonic Threats Requires Sustained Funding, National Sense of Urgency

As China and Russia continue to demonstrate rapid progress in development of hypersonic strike weapons, the U.S.’s largest guided-missile company says technology to counter the threat is already achievable but that fielding a system requires sustained funding and a national sense of urgency. “We are at a tipping point in hypersonics. It is the number

Air Force Chief Scientist: No Date Set for Hypersonic Vehicle Tests

The U.S. Air Force has no immediate plans to conduct hypersonic vehicle flight tests, the service”s chief scientist said May 17. Greg Zacharias said he “was not aware” of any set dates for a U.S. hypersonic flight test. Russia and China both conducted hypersonic missile flight tests in April, according to the Washington Free Beacon.There