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Torque Specifications for Small Arm Weapons

DSIAC was asked to provide insight into the notion of torque specifications being included for every weapon fastener. A response document was generated by utilizing the intimate knowledge of an in-house subject matter expert (SME). Topics in the response…


Under Pressure, Navy’s Top official Pledges to Solve New Carrier”s Problems

The new acting secretary of the Navy said Thursday that President Donald Trump”s concerns over persistent problems with the first Ford-class aircraft carrier have prompted him to make fixing those problems one of his top priorities. “I was on the [carrier Gerald R. Ford] last week; the Ford is something the president is very concerned

Keeping an Eye on the Health of Structures

Scientists at Tokyo Tech used synthetic-aperture radar data from four different satellites, combined with statistical methods, to determine the structural deformation patterns of the largest bridge in Iran. The importance of roads and bridges for humans both during ancient and contemporary times is clearly evident. The structural health and integrity of such large structures are,

America Needs a Secure Supply of Critical Minerals

Critical minerals, including rare earth elements and metals, are the new oil. The modern world has become accustomed to and dependent on technologies that require rare earth parts. Yet for decades, as the U.S. fought and won battles against its dependence on foreign oil, it ceded complete control to China for rare earths and most