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LightSail 2 Just Deployed Its Sails in Space, and It”s a Glorious Moment for Science

LightSail 2 has successfully deployed its solar sails. Shortly after 12:00 pm PST (19:00 UTC) The Planetary Society tweeted that the sails were deployed, and that the spacecraft was sailing with sunlight. We can all enjoy their success and start to wonder how solar sails will fit into humanity”s plans for space exploration. This is

Successful Launch of Rocket From High-Altitude Balloon Makes Space More Accessible to Microsatellites

A startup that plans to use high-altitude balloons to deploy rockets has successfully fired a test launch, moving closer to its goal of helping end the backlog of microsatellites that wait months or longer to “hitch” a ride on larger rockets. Leo Aerospace LLC, a Purdue University-affiliated startup based in Los Angeles, launched its first

From Earth to Orbit Using a Single-Stage Rocket

New Mexico-based ARCA Space Corporation has announced that it is developing the world”s first Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) launch vehicle that can deliver both a small payload and itself into low Earth orbit, at a cost of about US$1 million per launch. Dubbed the Haas 2CA after the 16th century rocket pioneer Conrad Haas,