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Navy Improves Helicopter-Fired Laser Weapons to Counter Mines

The U.S. Navy is looking at ways to improve its now operational airborne laser system designed to track enemy mines from low-flying helicopters and expand the surface area from which mine detection takes place and no longer rely purely upon more narrowly configured, mechanized, or towed mine detection systems. The system, called Airborne Laser Mine

Next-Gen Underwater Drone Boosts Naval Capabilities

The workhorse of the military”s undersea drone inventory is an autonomous device 8 feet long and 12.5 inches in diameter. It”s good up to depths of about 600 meters. As mine-seekers, these machines have proven their stripes. But the next generation is going to be something else entirely: more than 25 feet long, 48 inches

SREHDing Explosive Hazards: Robotic System Destroys Explosive Threats

In combat, land mine and improvised explosive device (IED) clearance is a slow, painstaking, stressful job that physically and mentally drains Soldiers and military working dogs. U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) has long had the expertise, facilities, and geographical features to test the most cutting-edge technologies to defeat this threat and remove Soldiers from