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TARDEC Pursues Advanced Power Generation

In the middle of a desert or other remote military zone, advanced power generation can keep the U.S. Army’s ground vehicles and combat support equipment ready for the demands of duty. “Our power generation advancements are impressive in terms of the capabilities these technologies enable. The most exciting ground vehicle advancements, including driver-optional capabilities, are

FEMA Kilauea Volcano Affected Structures Assessment Aided by Deep Learning, Neural Networks

ORNL uses deep learning and models to train neural networks for extracting structure data / building footprints from satellite imagery. As an example of how fast the system works, ORNL was able to processes the entire country of Yemen on their Titan supercomputer in less than two hours. The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii began erupting

Satellite Imagery Is Revolutionizing the World. But Should We Always Trust What We See?

In 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 captured what has become one of the most iconic images of the Earth: the Blue Marble. Biochemist Gregory Petsko described the image as “perfectly representing the human condition of living on an island in the universe.” Many researchers now credit the image as marking the beginning of environmental