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The Navy Can Now 3-D Print Submarines on the Fly for SEALs

It usually takes the Navy around 5 months to build even the smallest submarines to ferry Navy SEALs into and out of combat zones — but thanks to new technology, the Navy”s most elite warfighters could slap together a submersible hull in just a few weeks. That’s the promise behind the Optionally Manned Technology Demonstrator

New Special Operations Undersea, Surface Vehicles on the Horizon

NOTE: This is the first of a three-part series for Special Operations undersea and surface vessels, air delivery platforms, and land mobility platforms. Links to parts two and three are presented at the bottom of the article. On a deserted beach half a world away, Navy SEALs — elite commandos tasked with completing some of

“Artificial Blubber” Protects Divers in Frigid Water

MIT engineers develop a way to triple the survival time for swimmers in wetsuits. When Navy SEALs carry out dives in Arctic waters, or when rescue teams are diving under ice-covered rivers or ponds, the survival time even in the best wetsuits is very limited — as little as tens of minutes, and the experience