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Nervana Engine Delivers Deep Learning at Ludicrous Speed!

Nervana is currently developing the Nervana Engine, an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) that is custom-designed and optimized for deep learning. Training a deep neural network involves many compute-intensive operations, including matrix multiplication of tensors and convolution. Graphics processing units (GPUs) are more well-suited to these operations than CPUs since GPUs were originally designed for

Intel”s New AI Group a Challenge to IBM and NVIDIA

Intel announced late last week that it has formed a new AI group to consolidate a number of its programs and acquisitions. It’s headed by Naveen Rao, the former head of Intel acquisition Nervana. This means Intel is making sure is has a major seat at the table as artificial intelligence and machine learning branch

Saffron Technology: Personalized Intelligence Built on an AI Platform

With artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing — call it what you will — all the rage at the moment, Tech Pro Research took a recent opportunity to speak with Gayle Sheppard, CEO of Saffron Technology. This Intel-owned company”s brain-inspired Natural Intelligence Platform helps enterprises analyse dynamic multidimensional data in pursuit of valuable insights. Although