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NORTHCOM Commander Confident in U.S. Ability to Counter North Korea

The United States is currently capable of countering potential attacks from foreign adversaries, but it cannot slow down on building its capacity and readiness, the commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command said Sept. 27. “I am entirely confident in our ability to defend the United States, but that doesn’t mean

NORAD’s Next Evolution

Air defense was focused on the Russians. Then it was terrorists. Now it is both. NORAD’s mission fundamentally shifted after Sept. 11, 2001, to address the threat of asymmetric terrorist attacks aimed at North America. But now North American Aerospace Defense Command is changing its focus once again, re-emphasizing advanced threats from outside the homeland.

NORAD/NORTHCOM Says JLENS Program Will Fly Again

Aerostat design, human error, and procedural issues faulted in investigation. The Raytheon-made JLENS system consists of both a fire-control system aerostat and a surveillance aerostat, and was undergoing a three-year operational exercise. The system is capable of tracking swarming boats and vehicles, and detecting and tracking cruise missile threats. It can “see” all the way