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South Korea to Acquire More Anti-Missile Radars, Aegis Destroyers to Counter North Korea

South Korea has unveiled plans to acquire two more ground-based, anti-missile, early-warning radars and three Aegis-equipped destroyers as a part of its five-year defense blueprint for 2020-2024. The announcement comes amid heightened tensions, with North Korea test firing a series of new missiles in the past week. According to the defense ministry, the new acquisitions,

U.S. Defense Strategy: “Contain and Engage” Beats “Deter and Defeat”

March 18 (UPI) — The National Defense Strategy published last year sets great power competition as the foundation for planning and thinking and directs the Department of Defense to “deter and if war comes defeat” a series of potential adversaries topped by China and Russia. When asked about his most important priorities, acting Defense Secretary

We Need a Sweeping 3D Printing Agenda, Now

At Sandia National Laboratories, an unusual thing has happened. Researchers 3D printed a massive mold for manufacturing wind turbine blades. The project is a collaboration with the leading manufacturing laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and TPI Composites that aims to dramatically reduce the time and cost of developing new wind energy technology. Sandia has been