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South Korea to Acquire More Anti-Missile Radars, Aegis Destroyers to Counter North Korea

South Korea has unveiled plans to acquire two more ground-based, anti-missile, early-warning radars and three Aegis-equipped destroyers as a part of its five-year defense blueprint for 2020-2024. The announcement comes amid heightened tensions, with North Korea test firing a series of new missiles in the past week. According to the defense ministry, the new acquisitions,

Commander UNC, CFC, and USFK Perspective on Strategic Environment and Future Critical Capabilities

The diplomatic and economic efforts [of the United Nations Command (UNC), the Republic of Korea (ROK) and United States Combined Forces Command (CFC), and the United States Forces Korea (USFK)] rest on the foundation of a credible, ready military capability. Efforts to maintain a high state of military readiness are coupled with developing and strengthening

The Military Will Try to Make a Missile-Destroying Laser Drone

The Pentagon wants another crack at shooting down ballistic missiles with laser beams. According to The War Zone, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency is looking to put lasers on high-flying drones. Their mission: to intercept enemy missiles during the so-called “boost phase.” This is the second attempt to build such a thing, following an aborted