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Why China Can”t Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Critics of U.S. aircraft carriers have been arguing for decades that the survival of the world’s biggest warships will increasingly be at risk in an era of long-range, precision-guided, anti-ship missiles. In recent years, China has typically been identified as the military power most likely to drive U.S. carriers from the sea. But the U.S.

Lockheed Martin Launches Tethered Indago UAS for Continuous ISR

Lockheed Martin has unveiled a tethered version of its Indago small unmanned aerial system (UAS) to increase protection for U.S. Special Forces. The tethered Indago small UAS is designed to provide continuous intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities at a reduced cost. U.S. Special Forces perform a range of critical missions, including combating counterinsurgency, conducting

Facebook is Reportedly Testing Solar-Powered Internet Drones Again

Facebook last year grounded its ambitious plan to develop a solar-powered drone to beam internet across the world, but the company isn’t done with the concept, it seems. The social media giant is working with aeronautics giant Airbus to test drones in Australia, according to a new report from Germany’s NetzPolitik. Using a request under