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No Laser for You: The Pentagon Wants to Destroy Enemies” Laser Weapons

As militaries around the world race to develop powerful combat lasers, the Pentagon has something else in mind. It wants to destroy those lasers. The U.S. military worries that high-energy laser (appropriately known as HEL) weapons can destroy or damage surveillance satellites, sensors, aircraft, and vehicles or injure personnel. Despite challenges, such as generating sufficient

Marines to Get New Lightweight Polymer Ammo for “Ma Deuce” Machine Gun

The Marine Corps has inked a $10 million contract with ammunition-maker MAC LLC for new lightweight polymer machine gun ammunition, a major step forward in an effort to lighten Marines” battlefield load. The contract was awarded to the Mississippi-based company Thursday, Marine Corps Systems Command officials said in a news release. According to the announcement,

CCDC’s Road Map to Modernizing the Army: Soldier Lethality

Today’s soldiers require advanced capabilities to be effective on future battlefields. Advances in technology have produced better weapon optics, imaging devices, and body armor, as well as many other types of specialized protective and offensive gear. Body armor that could protect soldiers against rifle fire, for example, was not available during World War II, the