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HEL on High Water: The Top Navy Laser Weapon Systems

The concept of using high-energy and directed lasers for naval military applications is gathering pace among the world’s superpowers. What navy laser weapon systems are currently in development, what are the benefits, and when are they likely to become operational? Across the world, armed forces have been developing navy laser weapon systems to use in

Navy Tests Anti-Swarm Boat Missile on Littoral Combat Ship USS Detroit

The U.S. Navy conducted its first test of a short-range missile system designed to protect a Littoral Combat Ship against swarming threats. The test marked the first launch of a missile from the Surface to Surface Missile Module (SSMM) from a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) as well as the first vertical missile launched from an

ONR Developed CARACaS Software Controls Navy Swarmboats

Drone boats belonging to the U.S. Navy have begun learning to work together like a swarm with a shared hive mind. Two years ago, they would have individually reacted to possible threats by all swarming over like a chaotic group of kids learning to play soccer for the first time. Now the drone boats have