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How Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting Our Ability to Generate Clean Energy

Michael Shellenberger, global thinker on energy, technology and the environment, presents a Ted Talk about the fear of nuclear impeding the world”s ability to produce clean energy. “We”re not in a clean energy revolution; we”re in a clean energy crisis,” says climate policy expert Michael Shellenberger. His surprising solution: nuclear. In this passionate talk, he

Revived Cold War Tech for Long Duration Flights Could Solve Earth”s Energy Crisis

Humanity is in a serious pinch for energy. The world population may balloon to 9 billion people by 2040, up from 7.36 billion in 2016, and researchers believe this will translate to a 48{f852dafd27cac84fdac768484a17b914ab8ab8a105c7cd3f00f3e5984b2da150} jump in energy consumption. Fossil fuels could slake the world”s thirst for energy, but burning more would exacerbate climate change and