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Cork Boatbuilders Trial High-Speed Boarding of Advanced New Vessel

Safehaven Marine, the Cobh-based boatbuilding company, has revealed footage its new Barracuda vessel undergoing a high-speed boarding trial with the Irish Navy. The Barracuda is a high speed, low radar cross-section interceptor designed specifically for military and law enforcement roles. One of the boat”s most unique features is that a range of both lethal and

Dragonworks Facility to Put UK at Forefront of Laser Weapons Development

A laser directed energy weapon will be the first project to be undertaken at Dragonworks, a new UK facility dedicated to the development and testing of advanced laser technology. Located at Qinetiq’s headquarters in Farnborough, the new facility will serve as a test bed for all technologies associated with high-energy lasers for military or commercial

UK Sees Progress in Autonomous Military Plans

Tech companies are seizing opportunities under MoD’s new drive for intelligent logistics solutions. The rise of advanced autonomous technologies is providing new opportunities for tech companies to engage with the defence sector. Recognising the potential of intelligent systems to the warfighter, the Ministry of Defence is seeing promising results from its Defence and Security Accelerator