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Navy Likely to Be First Service to Field Laser Weapons

If one service has made sufficient progress to use laser weapons in its arsenal in the next few years, it”s the U.S. Navy, according to the former director of the Missile Defense Agency. “The Navy right now is the most forward-leaning because they”re the only service that has actually fielded an operational prototype weapon, the

Warships Set to Make Waves With Powerful Lasers

The U.S. Navy is accelerating efforts to place the weapon systems on guided missile destroyers. The U.S. Navy has identified laser weapons as an urgent capability need, and after many years of development, it is moving rapidly to deploy advanced laser capabilities in the near term to the fleet. The Navy is pursuing the highest-powered

Navy Wants Directed Energy Weapons Early Deployment for Distributed Capability

In the United States, the US Navy is the cutting edge service with regard to developing and deploying directed energy weapons technology. In part this is because ships have enough power to generate the energy necessary to operate current and next generation DE technologies. A laser has been deployed for some time onboard the USS