What are available capabilities for unmanned aircraft systems’ beyond-visual line-of-sight and aircraft avoidance?

Source: cisa.gov
Source: cisa.gov

Posted: April 18, 2022

Deadline: May 2, 2022

DSIAC is seeking information on available beyond-visual line-of-sight and aircraft avoidance capabilities for military- and law enforcement-operated unmanned aircraft systems (UASs).  We are interested in all existing technologies that enable navigation in urban, wooded, and maritime operational environments. Lower technology readiness level and research and development solutions are acceptable.

Solutions include the following:

  • Detect and avoid technology, at minimum Group 1 UAS remote ID detection and air traffic management
  • Power management, not limited to fuel and battery options
  • Connectivity package to enable long-range operations (>100 km)

If you have any information that fits this request, please provide contact information and relevant details on the DoDTechipedia forum or in an email to Deanna Milonas, the lead IAC analyst, at deanna.c.milonas.ctr@mail.mil.

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