Risk Factors and Models to Assess the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

Examples of risks facing the defense industrial base (source:  GAO).
Examples of risks facing the defense industrial base (source: GAO).

Posted on October 14, 2020 | Completed on August 6, 2020 | By: Travis J. Kneen

What risk factors, combinations of risk factors, and algorithms are indicative of real defense industrial base risk?

DSIAC was tasked with finding reports and relevant information on what risk factors, risk assessments, data sources, and algorithms are used for determining real risk to the DIB. The inquirer was looking for risk factors indicative of supplier fragility, methods to aggregate risk, and algorithms that can robustly combine dissimilar factors for implementation consideration into an industrial base analysis tool.  DSIAC searched open sources and the DTIC Research and Engineering (R&E) Gateway for publications that either examined this topic previously or included information or best practices for conducting such assessments. Of note, DSIAC summarized reports and work performed by the Interagency Task Force, NDIA, NIST, DHS, and GAO on risk factors and their effects on the DIB. Additionally, a bibliography of documents from the DTIC R&E Gateway was compiled for further reading.

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