Army Defends XM25 “Punisher” Counter Defilade Engagement System

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September 26, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: September 26 on

Army weapons officials are planning a late-September response to Pentagon investigators” recent criticisms of the XM25 as the service wrestles with how this high-tech but heavy 25mm airburst weapon will fit into combat formations.

In late August, the Pentagon”s Inspector General released a scathing audit of the XM25 program, criticizing the service for repeatedly delaying the weapon”s initial production decision and failing to justify a basis of issue plan.

Nicknamed “the Punisher” and designed by Orbital ATK Inc. and Heckler & Koch, the XM25 is a shoulder-fired weapon featuring a target acquisition/fire control system that allows soldiers to identify a target, determine the range and program the 25mm ammunition to explode above or near enemy fighters out to 600 meters.