Army, Textron Map Out Future Drone Control with Synturian Platform Technology

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June 5, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: June 5 on

Textron Systems has built a new drone ground control station that allows operators to control multiple unmanned vehicles on a single display screen and connect platforms across domains.

Synturian drone control technology offers a way to coordinate missions between unmanned surface vehicles, air drones and ground robots simultaneously.

If an aerial reconnaissance drone discovers an enemy target beyond the horizon on the ocean, the aircraft will be able to transmit real-time targeting data to drone attack boats on patrol – shortening the sensor to shooter time and enabling combatant commanders to make faster, more informed decisions.

“Synturian is a platform that will be able to not only operate aircraft simultaneously, but also fly an aircraft and support the navigation of an unmanned surface vehicle — through multi-domain air and surface missions,” said Wayne Prender, vice president, control and surface systems at Textron Systems.