Multi-Mission AUSS – Anti-Submarine Warfare, ISR, Undersea Mine Warfare and More

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December 19, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: December 19 on

Thales is unveiling its AUSS concept (Autonomous Underwater & Surface System) long-range hybrid multi-mission multi-sensors remote-controlled system capable of operating both above and below the surface.

The new naval system was designed for a broad range of military roles including surface intelligence gathering such as ELINT (Electronic Intelligence), IMINT (Imagery Intelligence ), COMINT (Communications Intelligence) and ACINT (Acoustic Intelligence) roles thanks to a sensor mast capable to be deployed several meters above the surface; anti-submarine warfare (ASW); undersea mine warfare; maritime counter-terrorism; as well as civil missions such as the surveillance of offshore oil and gaz installations. Main equipment of AUSS system include sonar unit, the information, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) payload, energy module, video recorder and propulsion suite.